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Living and working in the Adirondack park is an experience.  Each and every town, village, and community has commonalities and things that make them unique.

We love being a involved in each one and the Adirondack Park as a whole.


Supporting our active military and veterans
Sponsoring local minor league baseball
NYC on Thanksgiving
Ticonderoga 4th of July Parade 2023
Tommy Bolton
Fleet on it's way to Boston to help with a major snow event.

Kimberly Stonitsch

Tommy Bolton

2024 Horicon Flames Minor League Team

Horicon Flames
Carrianne Jackson

Carianne Jackson

How we are involved.

Kevin Stontisch

From minor league baseball as coaches, assistant coaches, bench moms and running the concession stand, to cooking a thanksgiving meal in NYC for the less fortunate, or helping in our local churches.  We are involved in the place we live and work.  We do the parades and throw candy, support our neighbors in times of need when the unforeseen and devastating happens. We are the communities we live and work in.

Family is a big part of our focus. We make sure that our employees and their families are a part of all we do.

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